Y Combinator To Appear At July's Startup Conversation

Beehive Startups is proud to present July's Startup Conversation featuring PEAK Ventures Manging Partner Sid Krommenhoek, Podium Co-Founders Dennis Steele & Eric Rea, Allegiance CEO Adam Edmunds, and Y Combinator Partner Aaron Harris.

Skullcandy Agrees To Be Acquired By Incipio, But Now Mulls New Offer From Mill Road Capital Management

Over the weekend, news broke that Skullcandy had agreed to be acquired by Incipio for $177 million, which breaks down to $5.75 per share. Under this agreement, however, Skullcandy had a “go-shop” period (running through July 23) that allowed them to see if they could find a better offer.

AZOVA Wants Customized Online Clinics For All Medical Professionals

Doctors are using Azova to benefit and catapult their business into the future.

Next Gear Solutions Acquires ClientRunner

DASH and ClientRunner are the first and second most adopted job management systems in the restoration market, and I believe this combination of talent and technology will benefit the entire industry.

Instructure CEO Josh Coates Told Me To Keep A Failure Journal So I Did

That’s right, a failure journal. It’s something where you write all of the things you screw up over the course of a day, it makes you a successful entrepreneur because you spin all that failure into gold like a Google Glass-wearing Rumpelstiltskin.

Bookly Is The Future Of Small Business Accounting

We’ve built our own cloud-based bookkeeping software and it’s really tailored to small businesses.

SimpleCitizen Accepted Into Y Combinator

It’s about being able to walk the same path as Airbnb, Reddit, Stripe, and Dropbox, all companies that have run through the ringer at Y Combinator and come out the other side worth billions of dollars. No pressure, SimpleCitizen.

Startup Ogden Offering $15,000 Grants To Local Businesses

We wanted to be the first to invest heavily in a downtown, technology-focused operation that would inspire others and that is happening.

Curt Roberts, Creighton Green, & Stan Bassett Headline Northern Utah Startup Conversation Series On June 28

Beehive Startups, Grow Utah, and the Northfront Entrepreneur Alliance is proud to present a Northern Utah Startup Conversation.

My Day In Paradise At The Park City Culinary Institute

My conversion happened May 18, a day I mark as one of the greatest of my life, third only to the births of my two children. May 18 was the day the Park City Culinary Institute generously let me sit in on a class.

VidAngel Is Being Sued And Here’s What We Know So Far (Updated)

We’re as confident now as we were when we launched that filtering a DVD or Blu-ray you own on your favorite devices is your right. We’re ready.

Beehive Podcast: Signal Peak Managing Director Scott Petty

Scott co-founded Signal Peak Ventures (FKA vSpring Capital) in 2000 and has been a Managing Director since its formation.

We Held An Event About The Future Of Tech And Innovation In Utah

The most useful languages today are computing languages. We’ve got to adapt so that we’re doing things that make sense for the future.

Nuvi Would Like To Help You Monitor Social Media

Social media is only becoming more relevant.

Freshly Picked CEO Susan Petersen To Keynote This Month's LaunchUp On June 24th

Beehive Startups is proud to present this month's LaunchUp featuring a keynote from Freshly Picked CEO Susan Petersen.