Brandon Tidwell, Nate Quigley, Kat Archibald & Romney Evans Headline August Startup Conversation Series

Beehive Startups is proud to present this month's Startup Conversation featuring Signal Peak Ventures Managing Director Brandon Tidwell, Chatbooks CEO & co-founder Nate Quigley, Degreed CPO Kat Archibald, and True Fit co-founder Romney Evans.

Blacktop: Where SaaS, Social Networks, And Basketball Collide

We want to be the indispensable tool and mechanism and platform that people use to play pickup ball.

Fraser Bullock, Carine Clark, & Peter Genereaux Named As 2016 UTC Hall Of Fame Inductees

These leaders have served significant roles that have been instrumental in Utah’s stellar technology accomplishments.

Tracing The Lineage Of Dsco

I’m an entrepreneur, that’s what I am and I don’t know how to be anything else. I have put almost 20 years of my life into the same problem so I know a lot about it.

Eastwind Networks Raises $5.5M Seed Extension Round Led By Signal Peak

Eastwind Networks is leading a new approach to tackling the complexity of the modern cybersecurity paradigm.

Zipbooks Raises $2M Seed Round Led By Peak Ventures

Peak caught the vision early on of what ZipBooks could become, and they’ve been a great partner as we’ve started to realize that vision.

Pluralsight Acquires Train Simple

By bringing Train Simple under the Pluralsight umbrella, our on-demand learning platform now includes one of the richest libraries of Adobe trainings within our broader collection of more than 5,000 technology courses authored by industry luminaries.

It's Time For Girls (To) Go Digital!

The program is designed to empower girls to participate in computer science and technology activities.

Everything Is Becoming Heated And It's Because Of Ravean

We are an urban fashion brand specializing in heated apparel.

Grow Raises $11M Series A Round, Funding Poetry Is Now In Session

Utah has proven it has the talent and the drive to produce great companies. We’re excited to be part of that with Grow.

Float, A California Startup, Has Launched Exclusively In Utah

Utah has a very interesting demographic for us to test — highest percentage of millennials per capita, lowest average age group out of any state in America, and a budding startup scene. It’s the perfect hub to test the product initially.

VidAngel Is Now Suing The Studios Suing Them

To that, VidAngel says, Bitch, please, or more accurately BLEEP, please. You know, because they filter out profanity.

Square 1 Bank Is Expanding Its Presence In Utah

We are actively providing venture debt to startups where traditional banks believe these companies are too risky.

Nordstrom Acquires Minority Stake In Dsco

Last week, it was announced that Nordstrom has acquired a minority stake in Lehi-based Dsco. Understandably, people were fired up.

Join DevPoint Labs For Launch Day On July 21 In SLC

This is a time to celebrate and show off what the students have done.